Some of the projects I have planned, and some that I’ve even started…


The good news is that I have fewer projects than I usually do. There are many reasons for this, the main one being MONEY!!!, or lack of to be specific, oh, and not having a studio….

I would like to finish some of my book ideas, but I doubt if I’ll manage that. However, there are a few things I do want to finish.

Piccies of…

Bodies, mostly nakey, mostly ladies, mostly anonymous, I will, however, also shoot faces as usual..

Tango, a couple, or a couple of couples, dancing the Argentinian Tango, with more than a little erotica hint to it.

Erotica, stocking tops, corsets, bits and pieces, naughty looks and boudoir and the like, you know what I mean.

Shibari or similar ropework.

Bodypaint. Part and whole bodies.

Ink and Metal, of course.

I may also dabble in, fitness, lifestyle, and other odds and ends…. we’ll see.

Obviously I’ll be needing models for this stuff, the more local to me the better.

Hmmm, a MUSE would be cool 😉

I’ll be producing LARGE fine art print sets of the above, and, if I can manage it, maybe a book, maybe.

I’ll be active in tuition too. None of your textbooks and THIS IS HOW YOU DO THIS, or THESE ARE THE RULES, shit in my tuition. I’ll show you how I take piccies, and how, in my opinion, you should look at and think about taking piccies. I don’t look at a pic and instantly tell you what’s wrong with it, I decide if I like it or not.

If you’ve gotten here by reading ALL of it, well done, please pop back now and then as I’m certain that this will change frequently.