Due to a recurring illness I am NOT currently shooting.

Please pop back from time to time to see if this has changed.


I am currently have several projects either in planning or shooting stages. I always seem to have many more projects in the planning stage than I’m actually shooting.

Let There be Shadow. My 3rd book, mostly dark, shadowy, anonymous nudes.

War and Other Paint. Avant Garde Makeup, Face and Bodypaint and Liquid Latex.

Dance and Fitness. Says it all. Mostly Ballet/Yoga style poses with fitness and dance models. Yes, there should be some skin in some of these too, but not all by any means.

In the planning stages at the moment are…

The One’s Series.

This project will involve a number of models, I’ll be using MUA’s and Hairstylists for most of the shoots too.

The theme is the title of each book. I plan to produce as many as my imagination will allow. Each book in the series will be titled ONE, with a subscript of the theme.

E.g. Book 1 will be ONE Model, Book 2 will be ONE Outfit, Book 3 ONE Corset, you’ll get the idea.

ONE face, ONE location, (street, forest, bridge,beach), ONE room, ONE body, ONE guitar, ONE skin, ONE body-mod, One Lens, are all milling around in there too, like I said, there should be quite a few.

I am trying to use as much local talent as possible, I really don’t want to HAVE to go use professional models.

The books will all be self published, (at first, who knows if they’ll be good enough to attract a publisher), and of about 40-50 pics in each. I will cover the expenses of getting to the studio, I’ll also supply a book to each person involved, (maybe not one with 10 models and 6 MUA’s etc.. 😛 )

Still researching premises for my own studio, until I get a place I’ll be shooting in Greenock, and one or more Professional Studios in Glasgow.

Again, I HAVE to say, I DON’T expect all of my models to pose nude or semi nude, I always work to the MODEL’S levels, ALWAYS!