Some Stuff About Me

Hello, I’m John Virtue, and every now and then I’m a photographer.

I’ve been photographing people for over 40 years, and I love it. I love creating images for someone’s wall, for someone’s folio, for someone’s business.

As long as I’m photographing people, I’m happy.

I work in studio’s, homes, barns, factories, gyms, ruins, cemeteries, castles, woods, beaches, fields, cars, you name it.  If there’s people involved, I’ll shoot just about anywhere.

These days most of my work is for myself I do, however, still accept paid jobs.


I’ll shoot Portraits, Individuals, Couples, Not groups, Not pets, Not babies, Not kids, Not weddings.

I’ll shoot Nudes. I will always start with Portraits, but I shoot every style up to Artistic Nude!

For my books, and other projects, I need Nudes, Anonymous and not, Nude Parts, a Model in a shirt, a towel, lingerie, a hat, a curtain, a scrap of material, paint, latex, chocolate, but mostly Nudes.


But if I’m shooting FOR you, the styles I shoot are up to you. YOU are the boss!

I shoot Models, Professional and Amateur. Experienced Models, First Time Models. Female Models, Male Models. All, sorry ALL Models MUST be at least 18 years old, (and be able to prove it if asked). There is NO maximum age.

Photo’s for what?

If you want to have a wee collection of pics just to say you did it once, I’ll be there. If a model wants some images to freshen up their folio, let me know.

If you have an idea for even just one image you’d like to do, I’m here.

I have Makeup Artists, Hair Stylists and Fashion Stylists who I work with regularly, it’s not just me that creates the image.

Whether a quick shoot for a couple of piccies, or a full blown pro studio or location shoot, we’ll manage it.

Among my next few projects are face and bodypainting, avant garde makeup, fitness and dance, and, as usual, a load of nudes.

I’m always looking for Models for something or other. I’ll bet if you ask I’ll be able to fit you in. Please note, that MOST of my nude models in the images that follow are Professional Models, I DON’T post images here and there, and only on here with permission, and you’ll NOT find any paying clients images on here, or anywhere else. oh, and another “don’t worry”… I DON’T expect everyone who walks in to be my next Nude Model!

Bring your mum, your sister, your pal, NOT your boyfriend, but feel free to bring a chaperone. They may be allowed in, but they must understand they have NO part in the shoot.

Don’t make your best photo be the one in your passport, come on…